Regional Cohorts

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow's Health (CanPath) aims to support leading edge Canadian and international research that investigates environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors related to the development and progression of cancer and chronic diseases.

CanPath brings together six Canadian regional cohorts: BC Generations Project, Alberta's Tomorrow Project, Manitoba Tomorrow Project, Ontario Health Study, CARTaGENE (Quebec) and the Atlantic Partnership for Tomorrow's Health. More than 330,000 Canadians aged 30 to 74 have enrolled in CanPath since 2008. In addition to contributing information on their lifestyle and health, subsets of participants have contributed biological samples, comprised of more than 175,000 DNA-containing biosamples (including at least 135,000 venous blood samples), 91,000 urine samples, and 31,000 toenail samples (as of April 2020). The Manitoba Tomorrow Project is currently in recruitment and the Healthy Future Sask (HFS) is currently in development. These studies will expand the depth of CanPath's national dataset and biological assets.